The UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) funds 90% of the ICS programme. The other 10% is funded by volunteer fundraising. Therefore, all ICS volunteers will be asked to make every effort to fundraise an individual target of at least £800. Fundraising is a requirement of the programme, but no volunteer should be excluded because of cost. Remember that fundraising is a key part of your preparation for going overseas. It will help you start to understand what you will be doing and why and to demonstrate your commitment to the ICS programme. 

The money ICS volunteers and team leaders raise will go towards making sure we can give this opportunity to 7,000 young people from the UK and 7,000 volunteers from countries which you might be working in. This means your funds are vital in enabling the whole programme to be delivered.

You are not on your own

We understand that fundraising can be a very daunting prospect to begin with, particularly if this is your first time doing it. But please be assured that help is at hand every step of the way! All volunteers are assigned a designated Fundraising Officer who will be your first point of contact throughout your fundraising. They will be a professional fundraiser with a lot of experience supporting young volunteers, like you, to reach your target, and will provide you with support and guidance until your departure. 

What is covered by  Progressio ICS?

We aim to make sure your participation in ICS doesn’t leave you out of pocket so everything you need to be able to participate in ICS is covered by Progressio: flights, visas, travel and medical insurance, medication and vaccines, food and accommodation, a small weekly allowance while you are overseas and full support throughout the whole programme.

We also reimburse any reasonable UK travel and accommodation expenses, for example, when you attend the selection day or the pre-departure training. You can see our full Reimbursement Policy by clicking the link, or download our Expenses Claim Form.