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Pope Francis speaks out on the environment – “Respect for creation is a requirement of our faith”

As we approach World Environment Day, Pope Francis has made a strong statement of intent on what the Christian responsibility is when it comes to protecting our environment. During Sunday morning Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope quoted Psalm 104 to show the link between the Holy Spirit and the health of the world we live in.

Young people standing up against HIV and AIDS stigma in Malawi

In Malawi, local organisations have struggled for years to get young people engaged with the issues that surround HIV and AIDS, such as stigma and healthy living. The Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (COWLHA) has found that Progressio ICS volunteers have made the difference. Here is one story that shows how young people are finally aware of the impact HIV and AIDS is having in their country.

The call to open routes to Yemen and save lives

Heavy fighting continues to grip Yemen. Amongst the devastating impacts of the war is an increasing difficulty to supply vital humanitarian assistance to millions of vulnerable people in the country. 22 major aid agencies, including Progressio, are now warning that life-saving work risks coming to an abrupt end within a week unless land, sea and air routes are opened immediately.


Pope Francis calls on leaders to prevent future suffering for migrants

In the light of the deaths of 800 people who were on a boat carrying migrants hoping to reach the shores of Europe that sank off the coast of Libya this weekend, Pope Francis has spoken out. He made a heartfelt appeal to international leaders to react quickly to ensure that such tragedies are not repeated.

Standing alongside communities in Yemen

It’s a reality we don’t want to think about and find hard to imagine. It’s hardly in the news like most of the countries where Progressio works, but the Yemini people are suffering. Abeer, our Yemini Country Manager has spent night after night like all other mothers in the capital Sana'a have: hugging her children as bombs are dropped from the Saudi airforce supporting the ousted Yemeni President. Like many, she’s managed to get out with her family to a village that is safer. Like many, she’s already exploring how to make a better future for her country.

How can we advance women’s and girls' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?

Progressio’s parallel event at the 59 UN-Commission on the status of Women (CSW) that took place in New York from 9-20 March 2015 was titled 'Given the complex interplay between social norms, religious beliefs and human rights around the world, how can we advance women’s and girls' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?.

World Water Day: An interview with Diego Matsvange

Development Worker Diego Matsvange discusses some of the water issues and challenges facing Zimbabwe and the community he is currently working in as an Agro-ecology, Product Development and Market Linkages Adviser, alongside local partner organisation Environment Africa Zimbabwe.

What does water mean to you?