Nicaragua: Writing blogs is thirsty work - The importance of water filters in Parcila

Known as the beautiful land of lakes and volcanos, one could be forgiven for thinking that Nicaragua might be free from water related problems. But having visited the heavily polluted Lake Managua at the start of our cycle, supposedly full of ‘three eyed mutated fish’, it is clear that this is not the case. In spite of a vast quantity of water, very little is safe for consumption or even accessible, leaving roughly 900 thousand Nicaraguans without drinkable water. 


Progressio raises over £13,000 with ZimFare and ZimFast campaign

People from all walks of life have been standing in solidarity with those living in extreme poverty in Zimbabwe and around the world, through Progressio’s ZimFare and ZimFast challenges. Participants are invited either to fast for six days on a monotonous and nutritionally poor Zimbabwean diet with ZimFast, or host a Zimbabwean-themed meal with ZimFare, in order to raise vital funds and awareness for Progressio.

My six day ZimFast challenge: Part 2

Gill has been involved in fundraising for over thirty years and is now working with Progressio on their 75th Anniversary Appeal. In this blog Gill describes her experience of her participation in ZimFast, one of Progressio’s Lent fundraising challenges. By fasting for 6 days on a simple Zimbabwean diet, Gill stood in solidarity with people living in poverty in Zimbabwe and around the world, and raised an incredible £665 for Progressio!

330 MPs told to Speak Up For The Love Of...

Progressio recently joined more than 9,000 people and 50 organisations at the UK’s largest ever mass climate lobby in Westminster. Having successfully lobbied 330MPs in one afternoon, the event aimed to influence government decisions ahead of the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals in September, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) in December, where world leaders will meet to agree a legally binding and universal agreement on climate.

World Water Day: An interview with Diego Matsvange

Development Worker Diego Matsvange discusses some of the water issues and challenges facing Zimbabwe and the community he is currently working in as an Agro-ecology, Product Development and Market Linkages Adviser, alongside local partner organisation Environment Africa Zimbabwe.

What does water mean to you?

El Salvador Parliamentarian supports post-2015 development goals

El Salvador’s President of the Legislative Assembly, Sigfrido Reyes, has expressed his support for post-2015 development goals on good governance, women’s equality and water access for all – especially small farmers – at a meeting with Progressio Chief Executive Mark Lister.

World Food Day: Water is the vital ingredient

Progressio's Environment Policy Officer, Lis Wallace, writes:

I've always been an avid baker. When I want to bake a cake, the first thing I do is open the cupboards and check that I have enough of the essential ingredients: flour, margarine, sugar or eggs. If you're an expert baker then you’ll know that some or all of these ingredients can be substituted, but please stick with me – it's the analogy that's important here.

Budapest Water Summit: Why development must be 'waterproofed' for small-scale farmers

Progressio's Environment Policy Officer Lis Wallace writes from Budapest:

This week at the Budapest Water Summit, I heard many speakers reference the fact that 70% of water is used for agriculture and that there is an urgent need to make irrigation much more efficient. Indeed in their report, the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda recommended a target to do just that.