This campaign put put people behind Pope Francis' speech to open the Post - 2015 summit and showed support for the full implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals. You can watch the full speech here.

The petition with over 600 signatures was handed in directly to Downing Street.
Campaigns Officer Jenny Vaughan and Action at Home Officer Seb Scott hand in petition to No 10
It read:

Dear Prime Minister,
As I'm sure you're aware, Pope Francis is speaking in New York in less than a month to open the Post-2015 Summit. The Pope is demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the world's poorest people and his desire to see an end to inequality on a global scale.
I know the UK Government does so much to champion development but, of course, there is still work to be done. The new Sustainable Development Goals, which are set to be announced in September, will mark a new era for development, which I want to celebrate - just as the Pope is doing.
I want you to know I support Pope Francis' desire for a more equal world and, given the universal nature of the new Goals, I would like to see the UK Government do all it can to implement the Goals both here and abroad.
Thank you.

In response we received this letter from Baroness Verma and we fully intend to keep the pressure up to ensure the UK government achieves full implementation of the Goals!
Thank to to all who took action!!