Help us to Eliminate Violence Against Women by emailing your MP today

Why is Progressio working on this issue?

One in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence, mostly at the hands of their partners or close family. 

Challenging gender-based violence is at the heart of Progressio's work. To mark the UN day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women we decided to bring a crime that often goes ignored and underreported, into the heart of cultural and political life. 
We took a well-known symbol of violence - a chalk-style crime scene outline - to some of London's most famous locations. 
During the UN's 16 days of activism that follow 25 November, we will be sharing a photo a day on Twitter (@Progressio), Instagram (@ProgressioUK) and Facebook (Progressio). We're asking you, our supporters, to "follow her" around London, and share and retweet these images. In doing so, you'll be helping to bring a crime that often goes hidden, into the public gaze.  
Progressio staff will also be taking the orange outline to London’s Soho Square on 25 November to form part of a mocked-up crime scene. We'll be distributing information about violence against women to the public, so do come along if you're in the area. 
“This issue needs the world’s urgent attention," says Campaigns Officer Jenny Vaughan. "The UK government must do more to protect girls and women from violence through proper funding, and by encouraging other governments to implement existing international mechanisms to prevent violence.”
Progressio works on gender-based issues in eight countries across the world. Carmen Medina is Progressio’s country representative in El Salvador, which has one of the highest rates of gender-motivated murder in the world.
Carmen says: “In the 30 years we have been working with Progressio we have achieved many improvements in law and policy, but gender-based violence is still a huge problem in our daily lives. Women and girls are suffering discrimination and gender violence both within the family and in the streets.
“This UN campaign helps to raise awareness for gender-based violence in every community, and teaches both men and women that no human being on this planet deserves to receive any form of violence.”
The campaign through Twitter @Progressio Instagram @ProgressioUK and Facebook. Hashtags are #orangetheworld and #Prog4EVAW
Elimination of Violence Against Women Poster