a community in the Wedza district, Zimbabwe
Water. It's a problem if you have too much, and it's a problem if you have too little. For poor communities around the world water is one of their biggest difficulties. 70% of poor people are small-scale farmers and they rely on water to irrigate their crops.

Wedza is a place on the edge. Mid-season droughts make farming, their only source of income, increasingly hard to depend on, threatening their livelihoods. Families survive on as little as $1 a day, so there's not much to fall back on.

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A Progressio expert, Melody Kwanayi, works with Environment Africa, a small NGO doing big things to help local communities. Melody's an agro-ecologist (a specialist on sustainable farming techniques). She brings a wealth of knowledge about farming practices that isn't much known to local communities. She knows how to conserve water and how to grow crops that need less of it.

Melody showed this community ways to improve their yields and diversify their crops, introducing them to varieties which use less water, are more nutritious and sell at a higher price at local markets. Melody has helped these farmers triple their income from $1 to $3 per day.

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