We asked the Progressio family across 11 countries, "what is the future you want?" This brand new short film brings together the hopes and aspirations of people from Peru, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Yemen and the UK.

'The future we want' is the theme of Rio+20. Twenty years ago, the Rio Earth Summit set an ambitious agenda for global change. Now, with only 2 months to go until Rio+20, there has never been a more urgent time to think and act for the future we want.

In the face of the challenges ahead, urgent action is needed. But before we act, each of us needs to think carefully about the future we really want to work for. It’s a chance to look beyond the bustle of the now and take a longer view.

But what might that future look like? A just world, where everyone can live a life free from poverty? A sustainable world, where natural resources are protected for future generations? A responsible world, where we respect the natural world and live with care and concern for the needs of others?

What do you think? Join the conversation - add your own thoughts below about the future you want! Please add your name and town to your comment.


I want a future in which everyone can live life to the full!
Angela Ingram, Stafford, ST17

I think social justice must include professionals who have no real work possibilities, so, no active place, in this world.

I want a future free from prejudice and discrimination.

I want a future where people are filled with hope. Seeing and hearing these inspiring people fills me with hope!
Christine, London

I want a future where young people are valued and given a voice within decisions that will affect their lives.

Isabel, London

I want a future where war no longer exists and where children can live without fear.

Teresa, Penarth

i want a future with no borders where all are free and all have access to water, housing,education and someone to love and be loved by!

I want a world where all nations and citizens are linked together with a common desire to be friendly and peaceful.

I want a future where people feel passionate about the earth around them, where everyone has access to the basics like water and nutrition, and where people learn to share resources to protect everyone.

I want a future where everyone can live in hope of a good future, where education and freedom from poverty empowers people to live full lives as they were created to do.

A world free of poverty and where everyone enjoys basic human rights regardless of where they happen to live.

A world where everyone respects everyone else. I think that will bring peace

I want Nick Clegg to take the lead at Rio+20 towards a fair and green economy since we have shown the world an example by our Climate Change Act in 2008 which commits us to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The voices of the poorest and vulnerable communities in the South must be heard, not just those of the rich countries, in defining a fair and green economy.
Christopher Lindley

I just want a future for the planet. Right now, we're doing a lot to prevent that from happening!

Madeleine, Elgin

I desire a world not driven by profit for the few and greed.

A world where equality is a reality not a much talked of aspiration.

A world where governments govern for the many and not the few.

Basic Public services available to all who need them.

Man being careful with that which God entrusted us with, the earth and not being blindly flippant.

Everything being done at the moment to"solve" the economic crisis is based on getting more goods made and persuading more people to buy them. When will those in charge realise that nothing will work ultimately unless predicated on the fact that we live on a planet with finite resources? We cannot go on consuming more and more, leaving less and less for those coming after us.

Pauline Gallear, Derby

I want a future were we trust in God instead of blaming him for everything that goes wrong, a future full of love and respect for one another, a future where we hate evil instead of living with it and putting up with it, a future where we draw nearer to God and what he wants for us, this is the only future. If you leave out God there is no future.

The future I want is one where poor and marginalised people of the world are able to have clean water for living and for economic development, where the resources of the earth are treated with respect and where the UK takes the lead in implementing plans to further justice and development in the world
Sheelagh Pickles Leeds, Yorkshire

The future I want is centred on us not competing to exploit the earth's precious land, water and other resources, but discovering how to cooperate over sharing them fairly and protecting them for future generations. Only then can true justice and peace become a reality for all of us, even the poorest and most vulnerable.


I want a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water. I want a world where there is no famine and everyone has enough food. I want just the bare necessities for all.

that is fair, and people respect each other and their differences, that security is not an issue, that allows everyone enough food and water to thrive, that promises hope and not greed.
Realistically Fairtrade.

I want a future that is FAIR where we take care of our environment and the world's resources of water, food, minerals etc so that we can all have a fair share.
Marion, London

I want a future where people work in harmony with nature and each other; no GM crops, no factory farms for animals, no massive monoculture of crops, no destruction of forests to produce biofuels, but much more agroecology and permaculture. A world where the extraction of oil and minerals (we can't stop that completely) is done with respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and with as little impact on the environment as possible. A world where we spend more on non-violent conflict resolution than we do on arms.

Tony McNicholl, Holyhead

A future free from poverty,violence and war;that ends pollution of our natural, renewable and nonrenewable
resources;that gradually regenerates our devastated planet so that future generation may enjoy the beauty and splendour of God's creation.
Gemma deSA
Goa, India